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On September 24, 2014
Last modified:April 14, 2015


Underground Reptiles is a great reptile store located in Deerfield Beach, FL. If you are looking for a particular frog or reptile, they most likely have it.

If you are planning on getting a reptile or frog from Underground Reptiles, you have come to the right place. This is an Underground Reptiles review.


I do not know if there are any girls working there or not (I never see any), so I will be talking about the staff as a group of guys. To start off, I just want to say how educated they are in regards to animal species. If you have any questions about a pet frog or reptile, they will gladly answer it. Apart from being educated, they are also funny. If you have seen their youtube channel, you’d know. They also like to play games on customers (not ruining any surprises). Overall, their staff is made up of a great group of guys. I have nothing to complain about.


Don’t get me started on the variety of insects, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, newts, lizards, tortoises, turtles, and snakes that they have. I will be here for days writing down all the species. If you can name it, they probably have it. This is my number one reason why I visit this store. They also carry a large variety of venomous snakes, centipedes, and scorpions. I am not into that type of stuff, but it’s cool looking at them in person.


They also carry exotic animals like sugar gliders, skunks, hedgehogs, marmosets, lemurs, and kinkajous. If you are visiting to see this stuff, I’d call first. They don’t always have these animals, and I think they only get them during certain times of the year.


They also have a large inventory of supplies and feeders.


The prices of their items vary depending on what you buy. If you are looking to buy an animal, I would highly suggest buying from them because their prices are a lot cheaper than most pet stores around. As far as their product prices go, it’s about the same as other pet stores. One really good priced item that I am always buying from them is their box of 1000 crickets.

Animal Health

All proper lighting, supplements, and husbandry are provided for their animals. They are always fed (always see crickets in the enclosures) and their tanks are always cleaned. Every time I walk in, one of the workers is always cleaning and doing spot checks on the tanks to make sure they are up to standards.

Shipping & Handling

This is probably the biggest asked for review out there. How is their shipping? Well, why don’t I just let them explain it to you. As you can see, they know the science behind shipping.



They also offer a healthy and live arrival guarantee. Please make sure to check their Terms and Conditions to make sure they still offer this before you purchase. Do not forget to read all the rules so you can understand which scenarios are acceptable and which are not.

Underground Reptiles Review Analysis

Underground Reptiles is a great reptile store located in Deerfield Beach, FL. If you are looking for a particular frog or reptile, they most likely have it.


  1. Thanks for the review. I am going to order my new frogs from them now. Do you know if they give discounts for multiple frog purchases? Looking to set up a dart frog tank and maybe even a red eyed tree frog thank.

    • I’m glad you liked the review. I am not 100% sure if they give discounts or not. Your best bet would be to contact them through their website. Best of luck with your new purchases.

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