Leopard Gecko Costs

Leopard Gecko Costs
Leopard Gecko Costs, photo by Furryscaly

Leopard gecko costs vary widely depending on your geckos age, gender, and morph. Another aspect that contributes to the cost is how much you are willing to spoil your leopard gecko. Let me breakdown the costs for you…..

Average Leopard Gecko Costs

Leopard Geckos can cost anywhere from $10 – $1000, depending of course on their age, gender, and morph. Morph just means simply the type of leopard gecko it is based on their genetics. The more rare the morph is, the more expensive the leopard gecko will be.


The majority of the time, you will only see leopard geckos being sold for about $19.99 to $29.99 at your local pet stores, because they carry the most common regular types of morphs. If you look online at some reputable online reptile stores, you will see prices ranging anywhere from $19.99 to hundreds of dollars. Why? Because the online stores carry many more different types of morphs, some being very rare.

Enclosure Cost

Cost for Enclosures/Tanks

Normally, you will be housing your leopard gecko in a regular 20 gallon tank, which you can easily get at any pet store for about $20 – $30. Sometimes, Petco will offer a 1$ a gallon sale which you must take advantage of. A 20 gallon tank for $20 is pretty good. Usually 20 gallon tanks cost around $30, so if you want to save money, make sure you catch one of their deals.

Cost for Hides

Depending on what type of hide you want, these will usually vary from $10 – $25. Personally, I’d recommend to just get a really nice one from the beginning, and make sure you get it sort of big. Leopard geckos will outgrow a small hide in no time. So rather than buying a small hide now, then a big one later on, just buy the bigger one at first. This will save you money in the long run.

Cost for Substrate

Sand is very popular due to the way it makes the enclosure look, but it is not recommended due to the problems that it may cause (impaction). But usually it will cost around $10 for a bag of sand. Reptile-carpet which I do recommend using will cost around $7 – $13. This is a safer alternative to using sand. Reptile Carpet will make the enclosure look nice and it will be safer for your leopard gecko. You may also use paper towels which is also recommended and you can get this for FREE at home.

Cost for Heat Lamps/Lights

Heat Lamps will vary in costs depending of course on where you get them. Usually the light fixture will cost anywhere from $7 – $15. If you live somewhere cold, a high wattage heat bulb will cost you around $10, but if you live somewhere warm, a regular house bulb which usually costs only a few dollars will be good enough for your leopard gecko. Just make sure your temperatures are reaching the degrees they need to be reaching.

Cost for Heat Pads

Leopard geckos need belly heat, so you will  be needing a heat pad. Heat pads will be around $15 – $30 depending on the size that you get.

Leopard Gecko Food Cost


Crickets are going to be your primary feeders that you will be feeding to your leopard gecko because it is pretty much the only feeder for reptiles that most pet stores sell. You will need about $3 – $5 in crickets a week, depending on the age and size of your leopard gecko. Try to stay away from buying the (pre-killed) or (pre-made) leopard gecko food that they sell. The odds are, your leopard gecko won’t eat it.


If you don’t mind roaches, you can order some dubia nymphs for about $0.50 a piece from local breeders. These are the most nutritional roaches to feed a leopard gecko. But make sure you get nymphs. Adult roaches will be too big for your leopard geckos mouth. My advice is to buy a whole bunch of adults and start breeding them to save money in the long run. Dubia roaches breed fast and easily. If you live in Florida, go with Discoid Roaches since Dubia Roaches are illegal in Florida.


This is by far the best type of food you can get for your leopard gecko. They run for about $10 a pod which usually brings anywhere from 15 – 30 worms, depending on the size worms you get. This is the most expensive type of reptile food, but is by far the most nutritional type of live reptile food. I usually spoil my reptiles once every two months with these worms. They love it and it is really good for them. But like I said, they are very pricey.

Phoenix Worms or Calci-Worms

Phoenix worms are great for leopard geckos, if you can get your gecko to eat them. If you buy them locally, they will be around $4 for 25 of them which will be about 1 feeding. This is great for nourishing your leopard gecko with protein.


Waxworms are overpriced at $7 for about 100. They have no nutritional value and are like candy for reptiles. Too much can cause obesity for your leopard gecko, so be careful with over feeding these things. I usually feed my leopard geckos these worms on holidays as treats or to really underfed reptile rescues that need to be fattened up a bit.

Vet Bills

These will definitely run you a pretty penny, but aren’t always needed if you do your research. Keep your leopard gecko healthy by feeding it a good diet, setting up a safe and clean enclosure, and do yearly vet checkups. Checkups usually wont cost much (under $60) and might save you from a very expensive vet bill later on in the long run.

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