Do Ball Pythons

Ball Python
Ball python, photo by The Reptilarium

Do ball pythons…? Find out basic information about ball pythons with this simple ball python FAQ article.


Do ball pythons bite?

Anything with teeth can bite, so yes. But is very uncommon for captive bred ball pythons to bite intentionally. Most causes for ball python bites are hunger, improper handling, or being untame.

Do ball python bites hurt?

A baby ball pythons bite will not hurt much. An adult ball python bite will hurt a little, nothing worse than a dog or cat bite. The bites are nothing that will need emergency attention. If you have ball python that wont let go of its bite, simply run your hand and ball python under warm water and it will let go.

Do ball pythons eat crickets?

No, crickets is not a proper diet for a ball python.

Do ball pythons have fangs?

No, ball pythons do not have fangs (only venomous snakes have fangs).

Do ball pythons have teeth?

Yes, ball pythons have teeth. Their teeth are relatively small, only about 1/4″ long.

Do ball pythons hibernate?

Ball Pythons do not hibernate during the winter. Winter time is their breeding season, and it usually begins once temperatures start dropping at night. Many ball pythons will not eat during this time.

Do ball pythons lay eggs?


Do ball pythons like water?

Some do while others don’t. It all depends on the personality of the ball python. The water should be lukewarm water when introducing water to your ball python.

Do ball pythons shed?

Yes. A growing ball python can shed once every four to six weeks, while an adult ball python can shed only a few times a year.

Do ball pythons smell?

No, ball pythons do not smell. The only thing that would ever smell would be the enclosure if kept unclean.

Do ball pythons need UVB light?

No, they only need a source of heat. They are nocturnal.

Do ball pythons yawn?

Yes ball pythons will yawn. They will also do something similar to yawning to re-align their jaws after feeding.

How do ball pythons mate?

Ball pythons usually mate during winter months when it is cooler. For proper health females should weigh 1500 grams and males should weigh 400 grams when breeding.

How much do ball pythons cost?

Ball pythons range anywhere from $25 to $1,000’s of dollars. The price all depends on what type of morph your ball python is.

What do baby ball pythons eat?

Baby ball pythons eat live or frozen and thawed rat pups or mouse hoppers.

What do ball pythons eat?

Ball Pythons eat mainly rats (live or frozen and thawed). The size rat will depend on the age and size of your ball python.

When do ball pythons shed?

It depends on how fast the ball python is growing, how much the ball python is eating, and what the humidity level is in the enclosure. But as a juvenile, you can expect a shed to happen once every month or so. An adult will usually shed only a few times throughout the year.

Where do ball pythons come from?

Ball pythons come from the continent of Africa. They are found in the regions bordering the southern portion of the Sahara Desert.

Where do ball pythons live?

Ball pythons live all over the world in captivity, but they originally came from Africa.


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