11 Different Types of Chameleons


Below is a list of a few different types of chameleons that are available in today’s pet market. Chameleons can make great pets if you have the time, space, and dedication to care for them. They are somewhat high maintenance, so just have that in mind if you are still deciding to get one. Some of these chameleons may be under $100 while others may range to the thousands. The more rare and exotic the chameleon species, color, and pattern is, the higher the price will be.

Carpet Chameleon, photo by Florence Ivy
Carpet Chameleon, photo by Wazio

Carpet Chameleon

The Carpet chameleon is a very popular species of chameleon found in Madagascar. Averaging a length of 5-8″, the Carpet chameleon is good-sized chameleon for any pet-keeper. The colors that they display are usually green and yellow with a shade of blue around the eyes and feet.


Price: $100 – $150

Fischer's Chameleon
Fischer’s Chameleon, photo by photo by Living Rain

Fischer’s Chameleon

The Fisher’s chameleon is a very unique type of chameleon (usually not sold in pet stores). Unlike the Jackson’s chameleon, the fishers chameleon has two horns instead of three. It is normal for this chameleon to get mixed up with other two-horned chameleons such as: East Usambara Two-horned Chameleon, Vosseler’s Usambara Two-horned Chameleon, West Usambara Two-horned Chameleon, and the Mt. Kilimanjaro Two-horned Chameleon.


Price: $60

Flapneck Chameleon
Flapneck Chameleon, photo by Chameleon Needs

Flapneck Chameleon

The Flapneck chameleon originates from almost all of southern and central Africa. This chameleon has earned its common name (Flapneck chameleon) from the large flaps that extend from both sides of the upper neck when trying to scare off predators. At rest, the Flap-necked chameleon’s body displays colors of light green, brown or yellow, with a light stripe extending across the body.


Price: $50

Graceful Chameleon
Graceful Chameleon, photo by Jannb

Graceful Chameleon

The Graceful chameleon thrives throughout much of sub-Saharan Africa, from Senegal to Ethiopia. The colors that are shown are often green, yellow, or brown, with a light stripe on its side. Although the Graceful chameleon’s average length is 12″, they can sometimes reach up to 15″ in length.


Price: $35

Jackson's Chameleon
Jackson’s Chameleon, photo by DVIDSHUB

Jackson’s Chameleon

Alongside with the veiled chameleon, the Jackson’s chameleon is another type of chameleon that is sold often in pet stores. When calm, they will portray their different shades of green ranging from light green to dark green. However, when they show aggressiveness, they will bring out their more darker colors which can range from black to blue. The Jackson’s chameleons is a great chameleon for a beginner.


Price: $50 – $60

Meller's Chameleon
Meller’s Chameleon photo by Living Rain

Meller’s Chameleon

Similar to the Parson’s Chameleon, the Meller’s Chameleon is another large type of chameleon. It is said that the “Meller’s Chameleon is the largest of the chameleons not native to Madagascar” (National Geographic). They can reach lengths of up to 24″. Another common name of the Meller’s Chameleon is the Giant One-Horned chameleon because of the small horn extending from their snouts.


Price: $125 – $150

Ambilobe Panther Chameleon
Ambilobe Panther Chameleon, photo by Florence Ivy

Panther Chameleon

The Panther chameleon is one of the most colorful chameleon species you can possibly buy. Similar to the Carpet chameleon, the Panther chameleon is also native to Madagascar. The colors can vary from green, red, yellow, orange, and blue. For those of you who can afford it, this would be an amazing type of chameleon to buy. Panther chameleons have a normal lifespan of 5-7 years.


Price: $230

Parson's Chameleon
Parson’s Chameleon, photo by Steve Wilson

Parson’s Chameleon

The Parson’s chameleon is the largest chameleon species in the world being able to reach 27″ in length. Not sold in pet stores or by many local chameleon breeders, the Parson’s chameleon is a very hard chameleon to come around by.


Price: $2,000

Pygmy Chameleon
Pygmy Chameleon, photo by Wild Type

Pygmy Chameleon

The Pygmy chameleon is one of the smallest pet chameleon species sold today. Ranging between 1-3″ in length, Pygmy chameleons stay very small. Their lifespan stays between 1-3 years, unlike other chameleon species which have a lifespan of around 3-5 years. One reason why most people may consider getting Pygmy chameleons is because of the ability to house more than one in an enclosure. It is said that you can keep 1 male and 2 females in one enclosure without any problems. This is not safe to do with any other chameleon species.


Price: $35

Senegal Chameleon
Senegal Chameleon, photo by serenitystarlite

Senegal Chameleon

The Senegal chameleon is another popular type of chameleon species that is owned by pet owners across the world. Native to West Africa, they are smaller than most chameleon species being sold, averaging only 6-8″ in length.


Price: $30

Veiled Chameleon
Veiled Chameleon, photo by Billy

Veiled Chameleon

The Veiled chameleon is one of the most bought pet chameleon species today. As a proud owner of one, I can say they are pretty remarkable. Their colors consist of light green, yellow, and a dark red/brown outline around some areas of the body. When upset, they will show dark black spots around their entire body to appear as a threat.


Price: $50

Know of any other different types of chameleons that make great pets? Leave a comment below to share your thoughts.

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