Bearded Dragon Shedding

Bearded Dragon Shedding
Bearded Dragon Shedding, photo by Billy

Is your bearded dragon shedding? Below are some tips, help, and advice for you to help you and your bearded dragon with the shedding process. Don’t panic. It’s normal. This is just a sign that your bearded dragon is growing, which is a good thing.

Bearded Dragon Shed

Bearded dragons will usually shed once month as a juvenile and maybe once a year as an adult. You will know when your bearded dragon is about to shed when you start to see a light color of grey starting to appear on your bearded dragons skin. It will look almost like a very light gray sweater.  When your bearded dragon starts to shed, it will usually just shed one part of its body at a time. Very rarely will you see a full body shed. So expect one week for your bearded dragon to shed its back/body area, then the tail, then its legs, then its head, and so forth…


While your bearded dragon is shedding, expect for a loss of appetite. Sometimes they will eat during shed, and other times they won’t. So if you are worried because your bearded isn’t eating, don’t be. This is normal. Once the shedding is done, the appetite will come back.


When you see your bearded dragon shedding, try to stay away from pulling it off yourself. This will definitely hurt your bearded dragon if the old layer of skin isn’t ready to come off.

Bearded Dragon Bath

Giving your bearded dragon a bath is a great way to help your bearded dragon shed the majority of the old layer of skin. You want to start bathing your bearded dragon once your bearded dragon starts to become dull in color. This is a sign that your bearded dragon is about to start shedding. When you give your bearded dragon a bath, you want to make sure that you do not make the water too deep, especially with juveniles. You want the water to be about as high as your bearded dragons chest is, allowing your bearded dragon to stand up and have it’s head above the water. For about 10-15 minutes, just let your bearded dragon soak in the water. Do this about every 3 days during the shedding period. As your bearded dragon gets older, you will be able to increase the water levels, as they will float and sometimes even swim. Never ever leave your bearded dragon unattended while being bathed.


This is a video from pogopogona’s youtube channel. This shows how a bearded dragon will soak itself in a water bowl and how it will rub itself along the enclosure items to rub off some of the old skin. Realize how deep the water is… about chest level.


Misting Your Bearded Dragon

If you don’t feel like bathing your bearded dragon, you may also mist your bearded dragon. Try not to do this inside the enclosure though or you will cause the humidity levels to raise, which is not what you want. If you have a well ventilated enclosure, then feel free to mist away. Misting will also allow your bearded dragon to hydrate.

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