Sugar Glider Toys

Sugar Glider Toys
Sugar Glider Toys, photo by Jason Fether

Sugar glider toys are a must in any sugar gliders enclosure. These little animals are quite active when they are awake. Providing a lot of toys gives them great entertainment and things to do while active in their enclosure. Below are a list of sugar glider toys that make great additions to any sugar gliders enclosure.


Tip: Replace toys occasionally as needed and make sure to wash them regularly. A good way to keep sugar gliders entertained is to re-arrange the cage with their toys every time you clean the enclosure or its toys. They love exploring new things.


Pouches should be the first thing that you buy for your sugar gliders enclosure. Your sugar gliders will sleep and spend most of their time in them. It’s best to put a few throughout the enclosure, especially if you are housing more than one sugar glider (recommended).


Wheels are a great addition for the inside of the enclosure. Sugar gliders will run all night long and it is a great toy to let sugar gliders exercise and run. When picking out a wheel, try to get one that is solid with no holes in the flooring. Some holes will capture your sugar glider toes.

Plastic Chains

Plastic chains are great to put throughout the enclosure to act as vines in a jungle. They will climb all up and down the chains. Stay away from metal chains though. The sugar gliders pee will stain and rust real metal chains and they will be dangerous to your sugar gliders once they start to rust. You should also stay away from ropes that have loose threads. Loose threads are only traps waiting to catch a sugar gliders toe.


In any multilevel enclosure, mini ladders are a must. Ladders aid in helping sugar gliders climb to next levels. Make sure they are tightly positioned though. I will often see my sugar gliders jumping from the roof of the enclosure to each ladder. They love to play, jump, and climb through the ladders.

Bird Toys

Sugar gliders love bird toys. Bird toys are also less expensive than regular “sugar glider toys”. Sugar gliders really love the dangling type of bird toys. But don’t get anything that has any sharp edges or any loose strings.

Baby Toys

Small baby toys make excellent toys for sugar gliders. If it’s safe for a baby, it’s safe for a sugar glider to play with too.

DIY/Homemade Toys

If you are trying to cut down on expenses, there are still solutions in getting your sugar glider some toys. My favorite toy that I made for my sugar gliders (which they absolutely love) was a fleece rope. It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is get a fleece and cut it into a few pieces of thick strands of about 3 inches in width. Then just tie them together and hang the rope somewhere in the enclosure with a knot. To add even more fun to the fleece rope, try stringing a few wiffle balls throughout the rope. This will definitely be enjoyed by your sugar gliders.


Another home-made item that I see most people make are ball pits. Just get a cheap container and add a few ping-pong balls, Easter eggs, wiffle balls and any other plastic balls that they can’t chew or eat. This is just two of the many ways you can make toys. There are literally hundreds of ideas out there. Just be creative and safe.


Hopefully the above recommendations will help you out when decorating your sugar gliders enclosure. Just remember to pick clean and safe sugar glider toys.

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