How to Stop Your Dog From Biting

How to Stop Dog Biting, photo by Giuliano
How to Stop Dog Biting, photo by Giuliano

Tired of your dog biting, teething, or being aggressive towards people and/or other dogs? Well below are some methods on how to stop your dog from biting.

Did you know?? Approximately 4.7 million people are bitten by dogs in the United States every year? Let’s avoid your dog from being involved in those statistics shall we.

Dog Fear can Cause Dog Bites

Fear is usually related to strangers, vets, and some owners who reprimand their dogs wrong. Some dogs may fear strangers because they might be a one person type of dog, meaning they only like to be handled by their owner. I have run into many dogs like this in my past. The dog will be all nice and cuddly with their owners, but if you get near them, they will growl and try to bite you. This is why, if you have a dog like this, you have to make sure you warn any strangers trying to pet your dog that your dog is a one person type of dog.

Next, we move onto vets (a dogs worst enemy). The reason why dogs fear the vet is because it usually isn’t pleasant when the dog goes for a visit. They usually get shots, handled in a weird manner, and get things inserted in areas that aren’t pleasant. This is the truth, and like us, we all hate going to the doctor. To fix this, you should have your vet give your dog a treat every visit so he knows that it’s not a place where only bad things happen.

Last, reprimanding your dog wrong has been a real problem nowadays. Spanking your dog or hitting your dog is not the solution to correcting your dogs behavior. When you spank your dog, you are only doing one thing and that is relating your hand with pain. That’s why your dog might snap at you when you go to pet him. They have been spanked so many times that now they think every hand coming to pet them is a spank. They don’t like getting spanked just like you don’t, so don’t hit your dog. If you want to reprimand your dog, there are many more other successful ways to do it.

Dog Teething can Lead to a lot of Biting

If your dog is teething, you are most likely dealing with a puppy. At this age, they will bite everything. Reprimanding them is wrong at this age. Just like humans, dogs will engage in teething as well, when they are young. Just make sure you give them the right items to teeth on like chew toys, bones, and etc. or they will go after your furniture and shoes.

Pain Will Also Make Your Dog Bite

If your dog has sensitive areas, try to avoid petting those areas. Some owners are aware of their dogs pains, while others may not be. If your dog all of a sudden snaps at you out of nowhere while you are petting him, the odds are you hit a soft spot. This isn’t your fault nor is it your dogs fault, so do not reprimand your dog for snapping at you. This is just a way of him saying “ouch that hurt, don’t touch that area”.  If you notice that this is an issue, you might want to set up a veterinarian appointment to see what’s wrong, also make sure to tell others not to touch that area, because some bites can be brutal.

A Mom will Protect Her Babies

When delivering babies, the nicest female dog will bite. This is just a way of her showing her maternal instincts. This type of reaction varies with different dogs, some may bite while other may not. If your dog is the biting kind, avoid handling her and her babies and make sure to warn anyone else who has access to the mother and her babies that biting might be a problem. Also, make sure she is in a safe place where she feels warm and protected. This will lower the tension she may have towards other people.

Dog Biting Other Dogs

If your dog is the type that constantly bites or even tries to bite other dogs, you will have to take things really slow. If you are introducing a new dog into the house, go very very slow with the engagement of your old dog and new dog. Start off by showing the dogs to each other from a distance so they can get a sense of smell and sight of each other. Then gradually… start getting closer and closer as the days go by. By gradually getting closer and closer from a distance, you are building up a calm bond between the two. Once you see that both dogs are calm around one another from a short distance, start allowing them to smell one another (without any growling). As you see them gradually getting along, offer treats and make sure to always have treats in your hands. Treats will keep all their attention on you rather than the other dog. They will also start relating “getting along” equals being rewarded with treats.

How to Prevent Dog Biting

You are basically going to want to just recap on everything that was listed.

  1. Be a responsible dog owner and show him/her lots of love and TLC!
  2. You should make sure you have lots of chew toys for your dog(s) to play with.
  3. Never spank your dog or even give the slightest hint that your hand means “pain”.
  4. Don’t try to mess with a female dogs babies.
  5. Try to avoid soft spots. If your dog is hurt, don’t touch those areas and set up a vet appointment to fix the problem.
  6. Never taunt a dog in biting you (common sense).

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