How to Get Rid of Ferret Smells

Ferret Smells, photo by CoralCoE
Ferret Smells, photo by Silicon640c

Ferrets are overlooked upon as pets for one main reason… their smell. Learning how to get rid of ferret smells is fairly easy. With a little bit of care and responsibility, ferrets can make great pets that don’t smell as bad as everyone thinks.

Ferret Smells

Learning where bad ferret smells come from is the first step in getting rid of bad ferret odors.

Ferret Smell

A ferret alone can smell if it has not been neutered/spayed and de-scented. Normally, ferrets will be sold at pet stores with these smell issues already removed. However, there is a third factor that cannot be removed that plays a role in making a ferret smell bad, which is their oils. Their body creates a natural oil that produces a musky smell that many people may find unattractive. There is no way to stop the oils from being produced. The only thing you can really do is to try and mask it with a ferret-safe spray like Marshall Ferret Tea Tree Spray which you rub into the ferrets coat.

Ferret Baths

Many people give baths to their ferrets as the solution to bad ferret smells, but do not realize that this is the number one problem that aids in bad ferret odors. The more you bath your ferret, the more oil your ferret’s oil glands will produce. The thumb of rule is… only bath your ferret if he really needs it and try to stick to around 2 baths a year. The less you bath your ferret, the less oil (musky smell) will be produced.

Ferret Bedding

Changing the bedding out once a week will also help lower the smell. While some people use the fluffy type bedding, it is recommended to use a fleece type bedding, only because it is reusable and washable. If you stay responsible and keep up the cleanings, you should notice a slight difference in smell.

Ferret Litter

The litter is the worst smelling object in a ferrets cage.If you are not on top of this daily, you will have a serious small problem on your hands. It is best to spot check the litter pan daily (removing any feces) and do a complete litter change weekly by throwing away the old litter, wiping down the pan, and adding new litter.

Ferret Food

Believe it or not, ferret food plays a hug role in the smell of your ferrets feces. It is very important that you feed a good quality food for the health of your ferret and for the smell.

Ferret Cage

The cage should always get a good wipe down once every week or two. Stay away from cleaners that may carry dangerous substances that your ferret may ingest when introduced back into the cage. A cleaner that is highly recommend by the small animal community is the Kaytee Clean Cage Habitat Deodorizer Spray.

Hopefully now you have a better understanding of how to get rid of bad ferret smells. If you know of any other ways to get rid of ferret smells and odors, please feel free to comment below.


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      Thank you for the suggestion. Do you have any experience with this water additive? I have always thought about using it for my ferrets, but I am unsure of the difference that it would make in smell and the safety of adding it to the water all the time.

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