How to Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath

How to Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath
How to Get Rid of Bad Dog Breath, photo by Chelsea Gomez

Bad dog breath, also known as halitosis is definitely not something you want your dog to have. It makes life with your dog a hard task, especially when your dog wants to give you kisses all the time. The best way to avoid bad dog breath is to take action before the problem arises. Bad dog breath comes from bacteria build up in your dog’s mouth, lungs, or gut, so do not just try to focus on keeping a clean mouth. You also need to focus on the rest of the body.

What is Bad Dog Breath Caused by?

There are many factors that can cause bad breath which may include your dogs behavior, your dogs diet, your dogs daily care, and etc… The main reason for bad dog breath is usually caused by dental or gum disease. Small dogs are especially prone to plaque and tartar build-up. If your dog doesn’t seem to have any type of bacteria (noticeable) in the mouth, then this could indicate that your dog may have larger medical problems in the respiratory system, gastrointestinal tracts, or organs. The best way to pin-point the problem for your dogs bad breath is by visiting your dogs vet.

My Dogs Breath Smells Like:

  • Bad Breath – Normal bad breath is usually the result from bacteria build up in the mouth (plaque). Plaque can lead to gingivitis which is really bad, so make sure to take care of the problem fast.
  • Sweet or Fruity Smell – This can sometimes be the sign of diabetes. If you realize your dog has been drinking and peeing a lot, then you may want to go to the vet immediately to get a diagnosis.
  • Urine – This is a very serious matter, as it may mean your dog may have kidney problems. Take your dog to a vet immediately.
  • Really Bad (with Vomiting) – If you see that your dog has been throwing up lately and has been having really bad breath, look for signs like yellowish eyes or teeth. If you see that they are somewhat yellow, you may want to go to the vet immediately, as this may be effects to liver disease.

As you may have noticed, all the smells lead to a vet checkup, so make sure to book an appointment, as this is the best way to cure bad dog breath.


If you’re currently looking for a way to improve your dog’s bad breath, look no further.  Below are many ways in which you can help fight and get rid of bad dog breath.

Yearly Physical Checkups

Your dog should meet with a vet once a year to get a full physical examination. The vet can help point out bacteria build up in the mouth area if there are any and can help give advice on what you should or should not be doing with your dog (proper diet, oral hygiene, and physical behavior). Your vet can also examine the rest of the body to see if there are any problems in the gut area or yours dogs lungs which can also be a reason for bad breath.

Brush Your Dogs Teeth

Keeping your dogs breath fresh involves a little work on your part or a professionals, depending on which route you choose to go. But your dog should get its teeth brushed often (as recommended by your vet). Ask your vet how sensitive your dogs teeth and gums are, how often he/she recommends to brush your dogs teeth, and etc. Every dog is different and has different requirements. But brushing your dogs teeth can help avoid bacteria build up. Make sure to use special toothpaste made specially frog dogs. The toothpaste you use will upset your dogs stomach.

Chew Toys Help Dogs Teeth

There are many chew toys out there that aid in cleaning your dogs teeth. Kongs and rope toys are the best in helping your dogs teeth stay clean. Kongs are hard-rubbered dog toys which are sold everywhere. These hard rubber dog toys usually have little openings in them to put treats in them. This is great if you want your do to gnaw at it for a while. Just put a little treat in the hole and let your dog go at it for a while. The gnawing on the rubber helps loosen up plaque on the teeth. The rope toys also help with the brushing of their teeth. Some rope toys have little bristles that scrape off bacteria off your dogs teeth and can help in flossing your dogs teeth as well.

Special Dental Treats

Dental sticks and Greenies are treats that are very popular nowadays to help with bad dog breath. Some dogs love them, while other dogs hate them. Make sure to get a small box of them first to try them out.

Rawhide Bone Helps Fight Plaque

If plaque build-up is an issue, give your dog a rawhide bone to chew on. These bones usually last a while and are very good at scraping off plaque from your dogs teeth. When you see that it has gone soft, throw it away. Some dogs will try to swallow it whole when its soft and will usually throw it up.

Good Diet Helps Decrease Bad Breath

Not all bad breath comes from your dogs mouth, but sometimes from your dogs gut. So you want to make sure you take care of your dogs gut, by giving your dog a good diet. Ask your vet what the best diet is for your type of dog breed.  A meat-based diet is a good cause of bad breath. Try to get a diet that easy to digest.

Prevention – How to Prevent Bad Dog Breath

The best way to prevent bad dog breath is to take all the above steps and put them into action. A happy and healthy dog is a good smelling dog. Yearly checkups with the vet, a good diet, and good dental care will help keep your dogs breath staying fresh year-round.

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