How to Cut Rabbit Nails

How to Cut Rabbit Nails
How to Cut Rabbit Nails, photo by Carly & Art

All rabbits that live in captivity need a nail trimming here and there. If your rabbits nails are left untrimmed regularly, they can become very uncomfortable for you and your rabbit. If left untrimmed, your rabbits nails can grow very long and inwards which can cause them to break which is very painful for your pet. The best thing to do for you and your rabbits safety is to trim the nails often. Normally, once a month will be enough. If trimmed regularly, you can avoid any discomfort that your rabbit may endure and you will not have to worry about being scratched when handling your rabbit. Below are a few ways on how to cut your rabbits nails with the least amount of force and discomfort.


First, get all the supplies you need in cutting your rabbits nails.

  1. Nail clippers – Many pet stores sell special nail clippers for small animals, but you can always use regular nail clippers they sell for people.
  2. Product to Stop Bleeding – Sometimes accidents happen. It’s best to be prepared. If it’s a small amount of blood, you can just apply pressure with a small cotton ball. If it’s a serious cut and there is a lot of bleeding, a commercial product such as Kwik-Stop (a powder) or any styptic powder will do the job. These sting but are highly effective. Take a pinch of powder and press onto the tip of the affected nail after wiping away the blood.
  3. Dry Spaghetti – The best thing to do before cutting your rabbits nails is to get your rabbit use to the clipping noise. Cutting the dry spaghetti stick will get your bunny use to the cutting of the nail sound.
  4. Treats or Small Pieces of Food – Feeding your rabbit these items in small amounts will calm your rabbit down while you cut its nails.

How to Cut Rabbit Nails Correctly

To start off, you are going to want to use a helping hand if one is available. Sometimes restraining a rabbit while trying to cut its nails is too much to handle, especially if this is your first time. However, if your rabbit is a calm rabbit, doing it yourself is quite easy.


Once you have your rabbit and supplies, start off by getting a piece of dry spaghetti and cutting it by your bunny so he can get use to the noise. He may get startled by the first few clipping sounds, but will settle down shortly. Once you clip the spaghetti a few times, you can start clipping your rabbits nails. Make sure to offer little pieces of food and treats at this time to keep your rabbit entertained and focused on something else while you cut its nails.


When you are cutting your rabbits nails, you only want to cut off the sharp part at the end. Cutting too much off can result in you cutting the ‘quick’ which is the part of the nail that has blood. This can cause pain, if cut.


If you cut into the quick by mistake and bleeding occurs, you can stop it by:

  • Applying pressure to the nail with a cotton ball
  • Using a coagulating agent such as “Qwik Stop”

Below is a video on how to cut rabbit nails with the least amount of force.


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