Best Bedding for Hamsters

best bedding for hamsters
best bedding for hamsters, photo by laurie bird

What is the best bedding for hamsters that you can possibly buy? Carefresh and Kaytee clean and cozy are the winners!


Most people buying a hamster will want to go with the usual wood shavings because its cheap. This is not a good type of bedding for your hamster because it’s dusty, rough, and overall a bad type of bedding for your hamster(s). You may not see any bad signs early showing that the bedding is bad for your hamster, but in the long run, you will. It is very important that you pick a safe and comfortable bedding for your hamster because your hamster will be spending the majority of its life in it.


The reason why carefresh is one the best beddings for hamsters is because of the softness and absorbency of it. Carefresh is actually twice as absorbent as the Kaytee Clean and Cozy (has been tested). The white color of it also makes it a good bedding to spot check every once in a while. If you see any type of bacteria/mold growing, you can easily remove that section of the bedding and add more. You can’t do this with wood shavings. This will also make your bedding last a lot longer. The only problems that Carefresh seems to have is that it is a little dusty sometimes and it is quite expensive, especially if you are choosing CareFresh Ultra or CareFresh Colors. Other than that, this bedding is a pretty good hamster bedding to go with.

Kaytee Clean and Cozy

The Kaytee Clean and Cozy bedding is also a very good bedding because it is by far the softess bedding there is. The extra softness of the bedding makes it a lot more comfortable for your hamster to dig and burrow in, unlike most of the other beddings. It’s also dust-free making it an awesome choice. The less dust the better! It’s also cheaper than CareFresh. It also comes in the color ‘white’, so you can spot check as well easily.


If I had to pick one best bedding for hamsters, it would have to be Kaytee Clean and Cozy.

Hamster Bedding Review

Here is a great video comparing and reviewing a few hamster beddings.

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