13 Guppy Tank Mates

Guppy Tank Mates
Guppy Tank mates, photo by judhi

Guppy tank mates are certainly a possibility, without a doubt. Guppies are very calm and sociable, so it’s the other fish that you choose that you need to worry about. Guppies love being in groups, so make sure to get a few guppies, rather than just one. They don’t need to be in schools, a small group will be good enough.


Below are a few guppy tank mates that can possibly be housed together with your guppies. Of course, always use caution when mixing fish. If you see any aggression being done, simply separate the fish.

African Dwarf Frogs

African Dwarf frogs are great tank mates for guppies if you are looking for a little variety in your fish tank. African dwarf frogs stay fairly small which is good because you wont have to worry about your African dwarf frog eating your guppies. Being relatively small, these types of frogs produce very little waste, so you don’t have to worry about nitrates/nitrites/ammonia.


Angelfish are generally peaceful with adult guppies. However, some larger angelfishes might attack guppies. You should monitor the fish when introducing them to each other. Since guppies like long tanks and angelfish like tall tanks, you will need to get a long and tall tank if housing both fish in the same fish tank.

Apple Snail

The most common snail being sold in pet stores today is the apple snail. Apple snails can be put into a guppies tank with no problem due to its large hard shell. You will not have to worry about either of them harming one another. If housing an apple snail is in mind, just know that they can get up to the size of a softball, meaning you will be needing a large tank.

Cardinal Tetras & Neon Tetras

Tetras have the same requirements as guppies when it comes to water conditions and can make any tank look beautiful. Tetras do better in schools of 5 – 10.

Corydoras Catfish (Cory Catfish)

Cory catfish are very calm and peaceful fish, similar to guppies. It’s almost unheard of that they’d be aggressive. They are very friendly fish, especially with themselves. Be sure to get a good sized group of cories, they need a minimum of five to feel secure and happy. Adding fake or real plants will also help make the cories feel secure and safe. Also, make sure to use sand substrate so the cories don’t hurt themselves or lose their barbs.

Feeder Fish

Feeder fish aren’t the prettiest looking fish, but they sure are the nicest. Guppies and feeder fish can co-exist with no problem.

Ghost Shrimp

Ghost Shrimp stay very small and are usually sold as food for other fish, but can be a great addition to your guppy tank. They won’t harm your guppy in any way. If you have larger fish in your tank, they can also serve as a little snack for them once in a while.


Halfbeaks are community fish and would not have any problem with a few guppies or other small community fish.


Loaches are great tank mates because they are mostly bottom feeders, meaning they will spend most of their days on the bottom of the fish tank. They will stay away from most of the fish in your fish tank (including your guppies ). They are very calm and peaceful fish. Be careful when choosing a loach though, as some can reach the length of 16 inches. I personally recommend khuli loaches, dwarf loaches, , and zebra loaches. These loaches stay smaller than 5 inches.


Mollies are peaceful fish. You wont have to worry about your guppy or molly fighting with one another. They will be fine together and can co-exist perfectly. The most common ones are the balloon molly, black molly, and sailfin molly.


Plecos make good tank mates for guppies because of their size and calmness. Most plecos spend their days eating algae on rocks and glass, not bothering anybody. Some plecos get big, while other stay small (5 inches) like the clown plecos, bristlenose plecos, and rubber lipped plecos.

Red Cherry Shrimp

The red cherry shrimp is another awesome type of shrimp tank mate for guppies because they can help clean the tank by eating some of the algae off rocks, ornaments, gravel, and etc. But be careful, red cherry shrimp breed like there’s no tomorrow! Only get a few.


Male swordtails are aggressive towards each other, but swordtails are fine with guppies (1 male per tank). You should have a tight fitting lid on your aquarium because swordtails can easily jump out of an uncovered aquarium.

A Guide in Choosing Guppy Tank Mates

  • No nibblers – do not get any fish that will nibble at your guppies. This will cause stress and sometimes fights.
  • Small fish – It’s best to stick with small fish, as some big fish will try to attack or even eat your existing guppies.
  • Tank size – If you are getting tank mates for your guppies, make sure you have the room for all the fish to have their space.
  • Bottom Feeders – Many bottom feeders are fish that can live well with guppies. (Plecos, catfish, loaches, and etc…)
  • Diet & Water Requirements – Make sure to choose only fish that require the same diet and water conditions as your guppies.


  1. I got Cory catfish, guppies and glass catfish… The guppies are dropping dead from SOMETHING lost two store bought males in one night… The one male guppy left is native to the tank… Worried about one female since she is acting like she is pregnant even when she doesn’t look it.. I am not sure if it is one of the fish or a disease in the tank… Guppies get drooping tails they start swimming on their sides, and they hit the bottom of the tank breathing hard then they die… I know it isn’t the Cory catfish.. they get along great in the tank with the guppies… Could the glass catfish turn hostile on the guppies? Or is it a sickness?

    • Hey Greg,

      Have you got your water tested to make sure there are no high ammonia levels? Also, do you acclimate them before introducing them?

    • For all Guppy fish tankers, please use anti chlorine non toxic solution and aquarium salt. Put anti chlorine one cap and half table spoon aquarium salt ( you can buy it from pet shop)per 30 litre tank. Also use tetra aqua safe lotion. That will create a best ecosystem for fish. You should use ehiem heater and tetra air pumps. Also if you can get a good canister filter , that would be helpful. I was a fresher and did a lot of research since my All guppies were keep on dying. I came up with this idea. All fishes are happy and no sickness. Also make sure you dont feed them too much. Make an exact time schedule for feeding. Morning and evening will be better. Also every 6 to 7 days change 25% of water and add new water. When you add new water put 5 to 6 drops anti chlorine lotion. But dont put salt. Cz salt doesn’t evaporate. It is already there in the tank water. Try this.

  2. I have 2 Red Eye Tetra and two guppies. Unfortunately I was told it would be ok, but I witnessed the red eye attack my guppy, which is now in a quarantine. I’m going to take the tetras back and wanted to know what can I put with the guppies? It’s a 10 gallon tank.

    • Hey Alex,
      What kind of fish are you looking to get? Algae eater fish, small fish, big fish, active fish, relaxed fish, etc…? The more details you give me, the more help I can provide.

  3. Hi Billy,

    After returning the tetras I thought it would be ok in the tank. However, it seems that my two new guppies weren’t getting along well. My red guppy was attacking my yellow guppy and I had no idea. I would watch them and they would swim together nicely, they would “dance” and I never witnessed any nipping. I went over the other day to my yellow guppy and I noticed that it had a white “band” around the middle of its body, and I noticed it was missing some scales. He looked like he was fading, and I began to worry.

    I put in some formula I bought at the pet store, which I’ve been using on my quarantined fish and his fins are doing very well, and have been watching the red and yellow guppies these passed two days. Yesterday I noticed my red guppy do this very strange thing-it would raise is fin up move about and then lunge at the yellow guppy.

    I took out yellow and put him in my quarantine tank until he could get better. That wasn’t any better because he was running after the guppy that was already in there. I bought a divider and put yellow back in with the red. I tested the water and did a change today because some of the levels were quite high. I can’t buy another tank and I can’t move anymore around. It has been a very stressful 48 hours.

    When I begin to introduce new fish once everyone is healthy, I would like to add calm fish like zebra or algae eater?

    Sorry this is so long but I’m new at this and I was told that guppies were a good beginner fish!

    • Hey Alex,
      I am surprised this happened. Guppies are normally great beginner fish, and fights between them are unusual. The only thing I can think of is territorial issues. Try rearranging the tank ornaments a little and then add the fish all at once into the tank, so nobody has dominance on one certain section. What size tank is it?

  4. Hi guys,

    My yellow guppy died the other day. He was very pale, missing scales, and actually quite bigger than the red one, perhaps inflammation (?). Before he died I did remove red and rearranged the ornaments hoping that would help but it didn’t. I purchased a divider from the pet store to allow yellow some time to recuperate but it was too late. I’m not sure if it was already sick from the shop or I just didn’t notice red nipping. They actually would swim side by side even though the divider was there which I find interesting because I always thought they got along nicely.

    I have a 10 gallon tank, and I’ve been watching red and he’s been doing that strange move again where he raises his fin, jolts back and then lunges forward. He’s been doing it to his reflection. My quarantined fish is healing up nicely with his Melafix but I’m really hesitant to put him in with red and the additional guppies I’m planning to purchase soon. I’ve been reading that 5 guppies are best but I would like to have other fish, however space is limited. I know having two guppies didn’t work well, and even three didn’t because they were targeting one fish. They can be aggressive (which I’ve seen) fish and 5 guppies sort out the territory and any other issues that arise according to many articles I’ve read.

    Any thoughts or suggestions?

  5. Male guppies can get dominant if you don’t have enough female guppies you should have atleast two/three females to 1 male.

    Hope this helps

  6. My fish tank is consisting of 5 couples of guppies, 2 couples of tetra, 2 couples of black play ties. But from the very beginning of my fish tank one male guppy was missed but I can’t understand the reason. Then one female guppy has delivered 12 baby guppies and died. Out of these baby guppies 6 are growing fast but other 6 baby guppies have been missed. Other two lady guppies seemed to be pregnant but unfortunately they were died unexpectedly. Now I have only 2 lady guppies and I feel fear that she also will die. I cant’ understand the mistake. I change water once a week. The tank is not glass. That is a thick plastic tank having aquarium plants. The temper. is little bit high at the day time. Your advise is highly appreciate for caring my fish tank.

    • Hey Inoka,
      Do you ever test you water for ammonia or nitrate? Most fish stores will test this for you for free if you dont. Any of the two can kill your fish if the levels are high. Do you use a tap water conditioner before adding the water to your tank? How much water do you replace during water changes? Are there any bullies in the tank?

  7. Hey alex guppies in a big group tend to get more docile. From what I read before the general rule of thumb is 1 male to two female. But u can make it to 1 male 3 or 4 female so the male won’t stress your female out. Im not sure if your tank is planted or not if it’s heavily planted it will staggering help their survival rate. I got a heavily planted tank with 30males and hundreds of females. The females I bought the feeder type which is ridiculously cheap. But a few will die tho. Hope it helps

  8. I had a male yellow friendly cobra guppy and the water was perfect but all of the Neon Tetras died in the middle of the night. Can you help me figure out this problem?

  9. I breed guppies as a hobby and then sell them. They are perfectly healthy in any kind of tap water and require a lot of effort to kill. When I first started I got pet store guppies but they and my dwarf frog died overnight, but the water was perfectly fine. Now I get mine from a friend who has been breeding them since high school and I never have a problem.
    But I was posting to see what kind of fish would go best without eating my fry. My tank is 10gal but I al out always have about 50 guppies. They move out quickly as I sell though so it’s constant rotation of fish. But I need a fish as a bottom feeder that won’t be bothered by the large number of fry.

    • Hey Telly,
      So are you just wanting to add a fish to clean the bottom of your tank (like an algae eater)?

  10. I’ve been breeding guppies for years. A female guppy can carry young from multiple males extensively. It’s recommended 2-3 males per each female. I haven’t ever changed my water as I’ve simply created a happy healthy habitat for them. This includes Corey (bottom feeders), an algae eater, & ghost shrimp who all do a wonderful job cleaning the tank naturally. I do change filters regularly & Iwhen I add water I use that “clear water” conditioner that helps dispose of heavy metals & fish waste. (I have well water with sometimes heavy iron levels) everyone’s needs are different. Distilled water is safe with added conditioner for their protective slimy coats. The baby guppies will need protective hiding places, the bunches of fake seaweed grass allowed to rest on the surface water works perfect. Micro-organisms make up the majority of their diet, I put leaf lettuce, live plants, & allow a little sunlight in to achieve this. All creatures exist & survive in the wild where the environment is not so clean or forgiving. I also have guppies that co-habitat with an aquatic slider turtle. Predatorial animals exist in their natural habitat too that helps keep population healthy 🙂

    • Hey Marie,
      Thank you for the information you have provided. This will be very useful for others.

  11. hi Billy
    I have about 30 guppies in my fish tank consisting of fantail and regular guppies
    all of my fish are healthy and have been there for the pass 2yrs and have been multiplying numerously

    • Hey Ray,
      Straight from wikihow:
      “Check the shape of the guppy’s tail fin. The guppy’s tail fin, or the caudal, can help you determine the sex of the guppy. Male guppies have wide, long caudal fins that are often brightly colored, with elaborate patterns. Female guppies will have shorter caudal fins that are not as wide and long as the males”

  12. I was thinking about getting some guppies and I am a first timer, I was wondering what types of guppies I should get first and what other fish work well with them.

    • Hello Kaden,
      The fish listed in the article will all be a good match. But remember, the more fish you add, the more algae you might have (if you don’t have the proper clean up crew). What size tank do you have?

  13. Sounds like people are putting to many fish in a tank. The rule is 1 inch of fish to 1 gallon of water. Since guppies grow to 2 inches, 5 guppies would be the max in a 10 gallon tank. A better tank size would be at least a 29 gal. The you could have about 15 fish.

  14. Hiya I’m going to have guppy fry anyday now and Molly fry I was just wondering if there is a clean up crew I could get aswell in the tank. The fry will be in there roughly 3-4 months before I give them away, I may even keep a few (females) don’t want them to inbreed or 1 (male).
    What other fish are compatible with the fry?

    I went on vacations to the house of my friends relatives and in horror I saw a green water (almost black) fish tank with at least a hundred guppies (all kind of sizes) !!!!!
    I was only staying for a a couple of days so I did my best to clean the tank ( I found a HUMONGOUS Pleco on the bottom!!)

    As a thanks the family let me took some of the guppies, I knew they couldn’t take care of them so I took 3 males, 3 females and 5 baby fries, put them in a bottle and drove them 13 hrs to my state.
    But I know nothing of fishes (my dad use to have a tank when I was little so I know the basic)
    I bought a 50 Lt tank and filters and a thermometer but how do I transfer the fish?

    The water they have is still greenish and cloudy, do I put other fishes first?
    I’m worried they might be sick from the black tank, how do I know what medicine to give them?

    • Hello Smirna,
      You are going to want to acclimate them. Float the container in the tank for at least 15 mins. Then poor some water from the tank into the bag, 5 mins later poor a little more, 5 mins later poor a little more. Then you can place the fish into the aquarium. This method will help acclimate the fish to the new tanks environment. You are also going to want to add some sort of live bacteria thats sold in a bottle. Most tanks should cycle before adding any fish because the high levels of ammonia, nitrite, and nitrate can kill them. So a bottle of live bacteria should be added to help avoid these levels from getting so high. I would go with Fritz zyme 7, Dr. Tims, or Stability by seachem.

      No medicine is needed unless you see them actually sick or dying.

  16. I just got 5 guppies for my 25 gallon tank and wasn’t sure what tank mates I should get and this has rlly helped me
    Thank you:)

    • Hello Cynthia,
      I have not had a problem with the guppies in the same tank. I can’t speak for the ghost shrimp, however, I don’t think they would be a problem either.

  17. Thank you
    I’ve been trying to start a community fish tank but don’t know I’d tetras,guppies,discus,goldfish,and plecko all get along in the same tank and all reach the same requirements ?????

    Please answer my question or……
    I’m actually new to this so I don’t know if you answer people or not:-(??

    • Hey Peyton,
      Female gouramis are a lot more mild and friendly than males, who are territorial and aggressive. Males will most likely eat the guppies.

  18. Hi I am a new guppy owner and want to add another fish into the tank. I have a ten gallon tank and currently three male guppies. Originally I wanted to get 4-5 females but have been told that this was a poor idea for manny reasons. I also have a question about the behavior my yellow adult male. He keeps laying on the bottem for abt ten min at a time then returning to normal behavior. Should I be concerned or is this just something they do . Secondly my blue adult male keeps floating towards the top he doesn’t like to come off the surface of the water and droops his tale a bit. Should I do anything or just wait it out I put them in only about 4 days ago.

  19. How about my 35g tank has about. 10 male guppies 3 albino corys 5 zebra danios..im another newb ,, is it safe ..thinkin couple pepper corys and a dwarf pleco..kinda want a better variety lookin more the inexpensive way until I leanr more

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