DIY Bird Toys

Diy Bird Toys
DIY Bird Toys, photo by Ângela Antunes

DIY bird toys are fun, easy, and cheap to make.  Below are a few materials and ideas to help you get started on making your very own homemade bird toys.

Safe Materials for Bird Toys

The materials below are all great to use when building bird toys.

  1. Bells – Birds love making noise and love things that make noise. Bells make a great addition to any pet toy that you are trying to make. Be careful though, if your bird can remove the clapper, it can be a choking hazard. Stay away from ‘jingle bells’ because this can be a trap for bird toes and nails. Try using bells that imitate a cow or liberty bell.
  2. Chains – Chains are fun for birds to play with. Birds love to grab the chain with their beaks and toss them around. When trying to pick a good chain, try looking for a chain that has welded, not open links. Open links can cause toe cuts. Also, you are going to want to get a small-sized chain. A long chain can end up winding around your birds neck. 
  3. Plastics – Plastic toys usually last the longest, but are probably the most boring for your bird, since chewing will be difficult. If you are planning to incorporate plastic into your bird toy, make sure you choose a plastic that has a minimum thickness of 3/16″.
  4. Rings – Birds enjoy playing with rings, but make sure you do not choose big rings in which your bird can get its head or feet stuck in. 
  5. Rope – You will see a lot of DIY bird toys using rope because it can aid in two things. The first is traction. If you are planning to make a multilevel bird toy, you can use the rope to make a little walk way to walk from one level to the other, or you can wrap rope around a PVC pipe, so make a stable standing area. A bird will usually slip trying to walk on a slipper surface like a PVC pipe. But with rope wrapped around the pipe, your bird will have traction to walk and stand normally. The second is for chewing reasons. Birds love to chew and gnaw on things. Rope make a great chewing toy. 
  6. Wood –  Wood makes and excellent chewing material for a toy. Birds love to chew on things and wood is probably the best material you could use to offer. Have in mind, this toy will be destroyed. Wood toys are meant to be destroyed. Birds will chew and love to chew. It’s part of their natural behavior and it is good for their physical well-being.
    1. Safe Woods (not a complete list):
      Pine, Balsa, Birch, Basswood, Poplar, Maple, Walnut, Ash, Apple, Elm, and Cactus
    2. Unsafe Woods (not a complete list):
      Cedar, Red Cherry, Plywood and Oak

What Kind of Bird Toys Does Your Bird Need?

The below video shows which bird toys are right for your bird, why you need them, and how to get them. Some are bought at the pet store, some are bought at baby stores, and some are homemade. This video is very informative and is worth taking a look at.


DIY Bird Toy Videos and Tutorials

This video shows how to make a beaded hanging play toy for your pet bird. The total cost was $0.63 and was made by using recycled accessories like bracelets and necklaces. This video was made by Jessygoog.



This video shows how to make simple toys to keep your bird entertained for quite a while. Your bird will be trying to unwrap or chew through the toy to reach its goal (a treat). If you see that your bird isn’t the type of bird to be active on its own, this might be great way to get your bird to be active.


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