Look What This Guy Finds 350 Feet Deep in a Slot Canyon!

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In this heartwarming video, Zak Anderegg finds a dog 350′ deep in a slot canyon. Unloved, abandoned, and left

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23 Types of Leopard Geckos & Morphs

Reverse Striped White and Yellow Sykes Emerine Leopard Gecko

Below is a list of a few different types of leopard geckos and a few leopard gecko morphs that are available in today’s pet market.

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These Dolphins Are INCREDIBLE… Just Look What They’re Doing.

It’s so amazing to see things like this. Dave Riggs filmed huge pods of bottlenose dolphins cruising the shoreline along south Western Australia’s beautiful coastline.

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Funny Dog Voice Over. Must Watch!

This is one of the best dog voice overs I have come across. I was dying laughing.

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Man Jumps on Stingray and Does Not Expect This

Don’t mess around with an angry stingray on the Broadwater Gold Coast of Australia!

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Bristlenose Pleco Care Sheet

Bristlenose Pleco

This bristlenose pleco care sheet will help you with everything that you need to know: lifespan, diet, tank size, water temperature, ph level, and etc.

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True Meaning of a Scaredy Cat!

This is the funniest cat I have seen. The bearded dragon just wanted to say “Hello”

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Which Dog is the Sausage Thief?

Three dogs and three sausages! What happens next is unbelievably funny.

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How to Stick Your Hand in a Beehive

When I see a bee, I run. When these two guys see a bee, they follow it to the beehive to do this…

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How to Breed Superworms

Superworm Pupae Container

The price of feeders such as superworms are going up year after year. Sometimes, they are even hard to find, so why not

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